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Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos

Wild Cattle

Wild Cattle

Wild cattle are larger members of a scientific grouping that includes antelope, goats, and sheep. We have herds of gaur, bantengs, and Cape buffalo living in large savanna habitats. You can see the breeding herd of Cape buffalo during an Africa Tram tour. To see the gaur, bantengs, and our bachelor buffalo herd, take a Caravan Safari or Cart Safari. We also have ankole cattle, a domesticated breed native to Africa famous for their huge horns.

With the buffalo and gaur, wildlife care specialists stay close to their truck if they have to get out. But the bantengs’ nature makes it easier to service their area, as wildlife care specialists can get out of their truck and walk. Yet the bantengs are notorious for resting in the road and not getting out of the way of trucks—including Caravan Safari trucks! According to our bantengs, everyone can just go around!

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