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Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos



The tiger is one of the world’s most revered animals, a symbol of power, strength, and regal dignity. It has come to represent the essence of wildness itself. Rare and elusive, few have seen a tiger up close. At the Safari Park’s Tull Family Tiger Trail, we transport you deep within the forests of Sumatra and into the realm of these majestic big cats.

Tiger Trail provides a journey to discover Sumatran tigers and their current struggles from illegal logging and poaching for body parts. You’ll have many opportunities to see our powerful tigers up close in three separate areas. One has a cooling waterfall and one includes a pool for these water-loving felines.

Tiger Trail’s Sambutan Longhouse offers a resting spot for guests, along with more views of the tigers. A play area lets kids romp like tiger cubs.

When away from the Park, watch our tigers daily on Tiger Cam!

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