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Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos

Rodrigues Fruit Bat

Rodrigues Fruit Bat

In our cozy Bat House in Nairobi Village, a camp of Rodrigues fruit bats observes guests from an upside-down perspective! These cute little creatures weigh about one pound.

Also called flying foxes, Rodrigues fruit bats live only on Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean. They are critically endangered. We hope to establish a small breeding colony here. To support bat conservation, we have partnered with the Rodrigues Environmental Educator Programme.

If you enjoy fruits and nuts, thank bats, our planet's major seed dispersers and flower pollinators. Spend some time marveling at their amazing, flexible wings. Admire their three-foot wingspan as well as the way they stay suspended by their toes. Upside down is right-side up for these bats.

Just outside the bat cave is a peek-through photo opportunity where you can pose as a bat. Turn your photo upside down for the finishing touch!

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