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Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos

Pink Pigeon

Pink Pigeon

Endangered pink pigeons are rare in the wild and seldom seen in zoos. Natives of the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar, the birds are victims of habitat destruction. In 1994, there were only 77 left in the wild.

These creamy-faced birds have a soft, rose-colored head and pinkish-brown feathers. You’ll have to be vigilant to spot them among the rain forest foliage in the Hidden Jungle aviary, as their coloring gives them great camouflage.

Pink pigeons love a wet, low-canopied forest. Their long bill is hooked at the tip to help the birds pluck flowers and fruits or rip off leaves. Strong feet allow them to hang upside down for more "grocery shopping.” Pink pigeons also dine on seeds and wild grasses.

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