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Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos



Parrots are famous for their bright colors. Some of the most colorful parrots are lorikeets. They live throughout the islands of the South Pacific and Australia. Lorikeets have a unique, brush-like tongue. Instead of eating nuts and seeds like other parrots, they dine on flowers, pollen, and nectar. Their beak is perfect for crushing flowers, and their tongue mops up the nectar. They use their strong beak and four-toed feet to hang upside down to get to all the flowers on a tree.

Want to see lorikeets in action up close? Buy a small cup of special lorikeet nectar at Lorikeet Landing. You'll have these friendly and noisy birds land all around and even on you as you hold out your arm. This is a great way to catch a glimpse of their unique tongue as the lorikeets lap up the nectar. It also makes for some fun photos!

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