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Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos


White rhino with calf


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Lemurs are a type of prosimian, primates that evolved before monkeys and apes. They live in only one area on Earth, Madagascar and the nearby Comoro Islands. Lemurs are the world’s most endangered group of mammals.

Ring-tailed lemurs use their tail for communication, holding it up so other lemurs can see it in the brush. Males have stink fights by rubbing their wrist scent glands all over their tail, then waving it in front of their rival's face.

Most lemurs spend their time up in the trees, resting, sleeping, feeding, and even giving birth. Yet ring-tailed lemurs spend a good part of their day on the ground.

See for yourself! The Safari Park’s Lemur Walk offers an immersive experience to get you up close to these most interesting mammals. You walk along a path inside the habitat as ring-tailed lemurs frolic among the trees, branches, and path around you!

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