Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos



The coati is related to the kinkajou, ringtail, and raccoon. A coati going about its business brings new meaning to the phrase “living in the moment.” Keepers make the most of this trait, indulging the curious creatures by hiding bits of food all around. This scavenger hunt is a supplement to the coatis’ regular diet, which they eat in their back bedroom area.

Due to their endearing face and house-cat size, people sometimes see coatis as potential pets. Not a good idea: every bit of their behavior and biology helps them survive as wild animals, not pets. But there’s no denying the fun and wonder in watching a band of coatis in the wild—and our rambunctious group at the Safari Park!

You can witness the agile antics of these animals in their habitat beside Thorntree Terrace. The coatis that call this area home are siblings.

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