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Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos



All antelope species have horns. In some species they are only found on the males; in others, both males and females have them. Horns stay attached, unlike a deer’s antlers that shed each year. Some antelope horns twist in interesting spirals; others are ridged. Still others grow in wide curves with a sharp point on the end.

The Safari Park opened to the public in 1972, but we started moving animals into the Park's savanna habitats two years earlier. Among the Park’s first residents were sable antelope and gemsbok.

Today, our savanna habitats are perfect for viewing antelope herds. Gazelles, blackbuck, springbok, impalas, waterbuck, sable and roan antelope, bontebok, white-bearded gnu, and addaxes go about their business like they would in the wild.

The Park’s Africa Tram tour, Cart Safari, or Caravan Safari provide a wonderful view of these interesting animals. Be sure to notice the variety of horns!

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