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Flightline Safari

Soar Above It All!

Flightline Safari is the ultimate recreational experience for those looking for excitement. Secure and comfortable in your harness, you will soar as high as 130 feet above the ground, with a spectacular bird’s-eye view of rhinos, giraffes, and other wildlife in the fields below you.

The Flightline experience includes the use of safety equipment, an orientation, a brief interpretive tour, and a flight on our two zip lines. First, the Fledgling run prepares you for your ultimate Flightline experience. Once “fledged,” you’ll be taken to the final launch platform. You will experience breathtaking views of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and of the large animal enclosures below as you “fly” approximately two-thirds of a mile, landing safely near our campground at the Park’s Kilima Point.

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