Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos

Storm’s Stork

Storm’s Stork

The Storm's stork is one of the rarest birds at the Safari Park. The colorful, medium-sized storks are native to forested peat swamps in Indonesia and Malaysia. They feed on fish but may also eat reptiles, frogs, or large insects. Storm's storks form pair bonds that can last for years. They may reuse their nest, freshening it up with sticks and mud each year. Stork nests used over time can become huge, measuring six feet across!

It was an honor when Malaysia’s Zoo Negara sent us two pairs of young Storm’s storks in 1994. We hoped to apply our stork-breeding expertise to these rare birds. In 2001, we welcomed four chicks from two different clutches, the first breeding of this species in North America.

Look for our Storm’s storks in the Wings of the World aviary and in the marsh exhibit in Nairobi Village.

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