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Warthogs may not be the most beautiful or graceful creatures in the Animal Kingdom, but they are remarkable for their strength, intelligence, and flexibility! Unlike many of their African counterparts, they are not endangered because they are so skilled at adapting to new threats. For example, most warthogs like to forage during the light of the morning and early evening; but if they live in an area where they are hunted by people, they switch to foraging at night.

Why the warts? Males, called boars, have the most obvious “warts,” which are really thick skin growths on their faces. The boars push and ram each other with their head and their blunt upper tusks during breeding season to see who is the most powerful. Fortunately, the warts act as pads to cushion the blows, so they rarely injure each other.

Be sure to root them out on your next visit to the Safari Park!

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