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Be sure to reserve a little extra time for "hanging around" Nairobi Village visiting our Bat House! In a cozy new exhibit near the Park's Animal Care Center, a "camp" of Rodrigues fruit bats observes guests, albeit from an upside-down perspective! Compactly cute, these little creatures only weigh about 1 pound.

Also known as flying foxes, Rodrigues fruit bats are found only on the island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean and are critically endangered. We hope to establish a small breeding colony of this endangered species, and we've partnered with the Rodrigues Environmental Educator Programme, working with school and community groups to support bat conservation.

All those who enjoy their fruits and nuts should also admire and respect bats, our planet's major seed dispersers and flower pollinators. Spend some time marveling over their amazing, flexible wings and 3-foot wingspan as well as the way they naturally stay suspended by their toes. In fact, upside down is actually "right-side up" for these bats. Just outside the bat cave is a peek-through photo opportunity where you can "pose" as a bat. Turn your photo upside down for the finishing touch!

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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