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Meerkats may look like prairie dogs on a diet, but they are really related to the mongoose. You might see them busily digging in the dirt looking for insects to eat or adding on to their extensive underground burrows. These little carnivores live and work together in a group called a gang or a mob for the common good, whether it's helping to care for youngsters or keeping a lookout for danger. See if you can find a meerkat that's on lookout duty. Balancing on its hind legs, a meerkat sentry doesn't miss much. If trouble is spotted, the lookout alerts the others and they all dash back into the safety of the burrows.

Meerkats are at their most comical when they're relaxing, sitting on their backsides, front paws draped across their stomachs. All that's missing is a reclining chair, a bag of chips, and the game on television!

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