Panorama of a Safari Park field exhibit with giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos


Caravan Safari Kids

Created especially for kids! Your journey begins with an animal presentation and opportunity to meet an animal ambassador up close! Next, travel in the back of a covered, open-air safari truck to our Africa field enclosures for an opportunity to feed giraffes. Through hands-on activities, your guide will help you and your children discover together just how much humans and animals have in common.

Tiger and Friends

Get a rare look behind the scenes at Tiger Trail to learn how we care for our magnificent tigers! Your adventure will also include a journey around the Park’s multispecies field enclosures to view African and Asian animals, an up-close animal encounter, a walk through Tiger Trail, and a visit to our off-exhibit tiger keeper area. About 20 to 45 minutes of walking or standing is required.

Cheetah and Friends

Venture behind the scenes at Benbough Amphitheater to meet one of our cheetahs! Learn more about cheetah conservation and how we care for the Safari Park’s cheetahs, enjoy an up-close encounter with one of the Safari Park’s other animals, and journey around multispecies field enclosures to view a variety of African and Asian animals.


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